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Coalclaw Reference by MewloverAdopts Coalclaw Reference by MewloverAdopts
Name: Coalclaw
Former Names: Coal
Clan: StormClan
Gender: Tom
Rank: Deputy
Mentor: N/A
Apprentice(s): N/A
Appearance: Broad shouldered and long furred black smoke tom with fluffy chest and neck fur and golden eyes
Scars: None

Coalclaw is a very calm and level headed tom. He is always one to very thoroughly think everything through before making decisions. Unfortunately, this has caused him to hesitate in very on-the-spot situations. He is extremely intelligent and has an impressive memory. He is also extremely protective, especially over his daughter. He can sometimes be overbearing because of this. Kits and young apprentice tend to be coddled with him around, and it can be a bit frustrating for mothers and mentors. He used to be an extremely rough, spunky, and adventure loving cat. Once he became a father, he calmed down quite a bit and took his responsibility very seriously. However, the travels with Stormstar and the others has sparked his love for adventure, which is why he decided to join StormClan. He greatly enjoys hunting and patrolling, as well as napping in the sunniest spot possible and helping his daughter in any way he can. Much like Stormstar, he is a very spiritual cat, looking forward to the day where he gets to see his Raven again.

Coalclaw was born as a loner, and lived his whole life that way. He was raised by loving parents alongside several siblings. However, as it was common among loners, the moment he was old enough he left home to find his own way. He had a strong desire to adventure and traveled a very long way from home. He never really settled down, just hopped from place to place most of his life. That was, until he met Raven. The two young cats fell in love, with their matching personalities and desire to adventure, and started traveling together. After some time, they decided to settle down and start a family. Pretty soon, Raven had four kits: Stone, Beetle, Rock, and Juniper. Things were perfect and they were beyond happy.

While their kits were still young, beginning to learn how to hunt and fight, Raven fell extremely ill. Coalclaw did everything he could to treat her with the little bit of herb knowledge he remembered, but it was to no avail. After some time of her suffering, she passed, leaving Coalclaw of take care of their kits. He became extremely devoted to them, spending every second he could to train and play with them so that they would grow into incredible cats. Although he was devastated, he kept himself as busy as possible. The desire to be his wild, adventurous self had disappeared, and his only concern was being a father.

As his kits grew up, they began to leave to find their own way, the same way he did when he was young. That is, except for Juniper. Despite his coaxing and assurance, she refused to listen and was determined to stay with her father. Although he promised her that he would be okay alone, he was secretly very glad she stayed. He wasn't sure what he would have done if he was left completely alone. So, he and his daughter lived together for some time, living a calm life. Until Stormstar came into the picture. When they met the tom, both cats were instantly drawn to him. And once he spoke about his past and plans for the future, they were compelled to join him. Coalclaw was thrilled to be traveling again, and took great joy in learning the beliefs and codes of the clans and building one alongside his friends. He was baffled when Stormstar decided to name him deputy, but deeply honored and holds the title with pride.

Sexuality: Straight
Mate: N/A
Former Mate(s): Raven (deceased)
Crush: N/A
Former Crush(s): N/A

Raven - former mate - the love of his life, and possibly the only she-cat he will ever love so deeply. He was shaken by her death and still mourns this loss
Stone - son - One of his four children. Stone was the eldest, and the two often butt heads as he was growing up. However, when he left, Stone apologized and thanked his dad for everything
Beetle - son - One of his four children. Beetle was the quietest of the kits and he took fairly well to all of Coalclaw's teachings. Even so, he left to start his own family somewhere
Rock - son - One of his four children. Rock was the goofball of the kits, and would often disrupt training and get in trouble in return. When he left, he joked about the lessons, but really, he was deeply thankful for everything
Juniperleaf - daughter - One of his four children. Juniper is the one that he developed the deepest bond with. He loves her unconditionally and is extremely proud of the cat she has become.

Stormstar - Coalclaw's best friend and closest ally. On their travels to form their new clan, the two toms developed a very close bond. 




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Characters belong to me
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