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Juniperleaf Reference by MewloverAdopts Juniperleaf Reference by MewloverAdopts
Name: Juniperleaf
Former Names: Juniper
Clan: StormClan
Gender: She-Cat
Rank: Medicine Cat
Mentor: N/A
Apprentice(s): N/A
Appearance: A lean, jet black she-cat with a white chin, fluffy white tail, and orange eyes
Scars: None

Juniperleaf is a very sweet and compassionate cat. She is extremely devoted to her work and constantly finds something to keep her paws busy. Rushing about the camp to check on cats or gather herbs. Much like Stormstar, she is very open and unbiased, willing to look past almost anything about another cat. As a medicine cat, she feels as though it his her duty to care for any cat that needs her help. Juniperleaf is extremely hard headed and when she sets her mind to something, there is nothing that will convince her to change her mind. She can be a bit feisty and sarcastic, due to growing up with brothers. Although she is a medicine cat, she does know how to hunt and fight. She insists on hunting her own food and will defend her clan with tooth and claw if she ever needs to. She is extremely spiritual and will often visit the Moonstream in times of turmoil or confusion.

Juniperleaf was born to Raven and Coalclaw alongside her three brothers, Stone, Beetle, and Rock. At a young age, she lost her mother and was raised by Coalclaw. Her father was very devoted and was constantly teaching her and her brothers lessons about hunting, fighting, and herbs. Of the four of them, Juniperleaf was the most interested in the lessons, and was eager to learn anything and everything her father was willing to teach. When it came about time for her and her brothers to leave and find their own paths, she refused. She knew her father would struggle being alone, and wanted to remain by his side. Although he argued for several days, Juniperleaf wouldn't budge and he eventually conceded. The two lived peacefully together for some time.

When Stormstar stumbled upon the pair, Juniperleaf was instantly drawn to him. She was puzzled and very curious about his stories of clan life. She was fascinated by their customs and wanted to learn everything she possibly could. When Stormstar was preparing to continue his journey, something in Juniperleaf told her that they were meant to go with him. Stormstar happily agreed and the three set off on their journey. On their travels, Juniperleaf began to have strange dreams filled with flashes of dazzling, starry cats she didn't recognize. Finally, on the first night at their new home, she awoke in her dream to meet the eyes of dozens of cats with dazzling pelts in a place she had never been before. They introduced themselves as StarClan, and told her of her destiny to be the medicine cat of this new clan they were forming. She was stunned, but filled with excitement and purpose. After telling Stormstar of her dream, she quickly settled into her new role.

Sexuality: Straight
Mate: N/A
Former Mate(s): N/A
Crush: N/A
Former Crush(s): N/A

Raven - mother - she died when Juniperleaf was very young, so all she really knows about her is what her father has told her
Coalclaw - father - the two have been very close since she was a kit and that bond could never be broken
Stone - littermate - Her brother, and the one who would constantly pick on her. The two often got into arguments growing up, but they reconciled before he left
Beetle - littermate - Her brother, and the only one she didn't get into scuffles with. They would often hunt and practice together growing up
Rock - littermate - Her brother, and the one who frequently gave her a headache. His goofy antics frustrated her to know end, yet he always knew how to make her smile when she was feeling down

Stormstar - the two of them formed a close bond during their journey and to this day she still asks to hear stories about his life in his old clan




Warriors belongs to Erin Hunter
Characters belong to me
Base: Here belongs to TACOBELLABAE
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